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Study Visa/Permit Application

Study permits are valid for the duration of the course for which they are issued, between 12months to 36 months.

As a holder of a study permit you may also apply for permission to work for the purposes of getting work experience, as part of your studies to obtain a diploma or certificates by submitting:

  • an offer to do practical training
  • consent from the educational institution
  • proof that your are still a registered student

The Department’s consent to get practical training as part of your studies is issued free of charge provided that you are a registered student and that your study permit remains valid for the entire duration of the training period.

Alternatively, as a foreigner studying at our institution with a valid study permit, you may work part-time for no more than 20 hours per week. However, you may not work during academic vacations.

The overriding consideration in processing applications for study permits are that:

  • No foreigner may displace a South African citizen/resident at a local educational institution
  • The student must have proof of sufficient funds to pay for day-to-day living expenses, accommodation as well as tuition fees during his/her stay in South Africa
  • The student must have adequate medical cover with a registered South African medical scheme and proof thereof.


For more information please visit South African Commission or Embassy at your Country of Residence

For list of South Africa embassy & venues, Please Click here