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17 April 2017

May Open Day – RMA JHB & Pretoria Campuses


If you are thinking about joining us in one of our Short or Long Courses and have been wondering if this school exist or not, We would Recommend that you come and have a Chat with our Tutor, Student & get a Feel of what Revolution Media College is all about

Here is a Feel of what to Expect when you Come.

  • Student to Chat to
  • Career Advice, Media & Music Industry Tips
  • Job Assistance Opportunity
  • Discount on Selected Course
  • Touring the Facilities
  • Questions – Asking Us Everything
  • & Much More



Revolution Media Academy Open Day takes place Saturday 13th May at 11 am sharp. Talk/tour will be held on our campus at 405 Stanza Bopape Street Corner Du Toit Street Arcadia Pretoria

(Campus map here)


Revolution Media Academy Open Day Johannesburg takes place Saturday 27th May at 11 am sharp at our Johannesburg Campus, Floor 8 of His Majesty building, 53 Eloff Street (Campus map here).

Come along to discover more about our Full & Part-Time Film & Television Production, Sound Engineering, Music Production, Radio Production.


We will be giving our Open Day attendee’s the chance to get their hands on some great prizes, including free course vouchers and cool equipment! Simply take a snap of yourself at our Open Day, post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts (after following us of course!),

Simply take a snap of yourself at our Open Day, post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts (after following us of course!),

tag us (@revolutionmediaacademy –

Facebook & Instagram / @studyatrma– Twitter)

in the post along with #studyatRMA and we will select our favourite from the day, so get creative and get some shares!

To find out more about the Open Events at Revolution Media Academy or if you have any queries, simply email our admissions team and will be happy to help!

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