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We love music at RMA

Do you have a desire to play the drums or improve your guitar skills or another band instrument? If so, then
Revolution Media Academy is the perfect part-time Music Academy for you.


About us

Revolution media academy is a subsidiary of revolution media group established in 2011 to promote and provide quality Media/IT/Music education at low-cost to previously disadvantage and also addressing educational training & Training backlogs.

Revolution Media Academy is a nationally recognized institution as a registered private education & training provider accredited by Mict Seta. For more info visit www.mictseta.org.za.

Revolution media academy is a fast growing academy running from its head office in Johannesburg Gauteng south Africa offering National diploma, National certificate, FET certificate and professional master class course in sound engineering, Studio work, Film & television productions, Radio productions, Video Technology, music Performance and range of online/distance courses.

Best of all, you will achieve all this in a creative environment full of likeminded individuals
If u are passionate & gifted about music, creativity designs, media Industry, Revolution Media academy will help you build the foundation you need to make a success out of your chosen career.


RMA Vision89%
  1. To offer all irrespective of race, religion or background a quality education particularly in the field of media/IT/music technology
  2. To be one of the leading quality education providers in Africa, offering NQF approved and international accredited qualifications.

RMA Mission89%
  1. To develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive/innovative with a broad world view and rest for human values.
  2. Delivering to target communities the relevant market based training programmes.